Regame App will provide you platform to play esports on your favorite mobile games.

Free Contests

You can join any contest of your liking and of your desired time for free as a launch offer.

Cash Prizes

As a true core gamer you will be competing some of the best players of india and also can win exiting cash prizes.

Gamer Profile

You'll be given a gamer profile where you can showcase your skills and stats. Be popular in rising gaming community of india.


Leader Boards

There will be leader boards of all the pro players to see who got the guts and skills at the same time.

Fair Play

With the respect of gaming community we have made some rules for the players. No Emulators, No Hackers.

Share & Earn

You can Refer Other gamers to play on platform. You will get refer bonus of it.


Know Your Opponents

You can see participant listing of all joined players. You can know about them before the match. So that you can be ready when it's time for battle.

Various Modes

We will post daily new contests based on various modes such as Squad,Duo,Solo and also FPP and TPP matches.

Kill Prizes

In kill prizes match you will get prizes of decided per kill prize at the time of declaration.

Strict Rules

Anytype of misconduct or cheating will not be allowed in all the games so you don't have to worry about fair play.

No Restrictions!

You can play as many free games as you want during the launch offer, So make sure you win that juicy prizes.

Big Prizes

All Winning Prizes will be given in just 30 minutes of match completion and you can also make withdraw requests of prize whenever you want.

Fast Withdraw

We will process withdrawal request in 24 hours of submission.

Community Support

We also provide community support to our players via email and WhatsApp too for better experience of tournaments incase anything goes wrong!


You'll be notified by the app once the results are available. You'll be also notified about the winnings of yours

Instant Result Declarations

Results will be declared instantly after the match complition with in time period of 30 Mins. You can ask us for the screen shot of the result also for transparancy.


Game On

Are you a Gamer? Yes??, Great. You've arrived at right place. Regame App will provide you to play esports with your favorite mobile games. You can show your skills via fighting with other Players and can win the amazing prize. All for free.

Big Prizes

You can win unlimited amount of prizes via playing your favorite games without any restrictions. You can also earn refer bonus by referring your friends.